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Your Document Capture, Archive and Distribution Solution

Easy to install and manage this solution is fully adaptable to the reality of each organization, allowing process optimization based on workflows and approval rules, which will materialize in productivity gains and reduced costs while ensuring document safety.


Too much paper, slow processes, inaccurate reviews and approvals, and non-compliant employees can have a major impact on meeting deadlines. But with so many variables, identifying bottlenecks is a complex task that makes it difficult to make corrective decisions in a timely manner.

By using artificial inteligence, more specifically machine learning and computer vision algorithms, TERADocuments is able to automate repetitive tasks and therefore improve data capture, automate storage, and increase the speed at which internal processes flow.



Documents are captured via scanning using MFP devices or dedicated scanners. Alternatively, pre existing files can be imported into the application, either manually or by email or other specific connectors.


At this stage documents are separated or grouped according to predefined rules. Attributes are collected automatically, by using optical character recognition, barcode or QR code reading in predetermined zones.


Processed documents are archived in repositories defined by the organization. These repositories may either be located within the organization's facilities ou in the Cloud or combinations of the two.


By using workflows it is possible to design a flow of approval so that certain documents can be reviewed, approved, published and distributed. Users are notified of their tasks, ensuring that they are performed.


Documents are made available for consultation on the web platform. They can be searched for their attributes as well as their content, and access can be restricted according to the user profile.


Easy to install and to set up;

OCR information capture;

Automatic barcode and QR code reading;

Review and approval workflow design;

Active Directory integration;

Scanner and MFP integration;

Multiple archive destinations (SMB, FTP, NAS);

MS Excel data export;

Searchable PDF creation;

Automatic email notifications;

Other Features

This feature allows users to drag and drop pre-existing documents into a web browser. This way, document storage and processing can be performed at any workstation or even using a tablet or a smartphone.

Required attributes are entered on-the fly as it happens on the MFPs.

These documents are then processed by the application with all available archive, OCR, and workflow capabilities.

Configurable and strongly typed attributes can be associated to documents. These attributes can be for example customer/vendor names, document types, dates, references or any other value that may be required.

The attributes can be manually entered, selected from predefined lists or automatically collected from the document using zone OCR or barcode recognition.

Depending on the configuration, data entry can be performed right on th MFP while scanning or at a later time during any other stage of the workflow.

The attributes can later also be used to easily locate documents.

TERADocuments can add annotations to documents during the workflow stage.

These annotations work like a stamp and can indicate, for example, the name of the person who scanned, the person who approved or any other attribute associated with the document.

The location of these annotations can be configured so that they don't interfere with the document's readability.

TERADocuments is capable to analyze all incoming emails from predefined mailboxes, all attached documents automatically enter the data capture, archive and workflow processes.

This is a very usefull and practical feature. With it, users can process documents by simply forwarding an email to the correct mailbox.

All information is securely accessible, by ensuring proper access to information according to user profiles.

You are able to define who can scan, who can edit, and who can view each document type.

Access any document instantly and from anywhere with the TeraDocuments search engine.

You can search documents by their attributes as well as their content.

With the file explorer you can seamlessly and in a single place view all the documents contained in multiple TeraDocuments repositories.

TERADocuments allows you to include fully customizable scripts in your operation. These scripts give the solution the ability to be adapted to a larger number of scenarios.

Scripts can be used to perform tasks like processing a more intricate attributes or extract information from complex texts.

They can also be used to integrate TERADocuments with 3rd party solutions, most commonly ERP systems and document management solutions.