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The Complete Print Management Solution

Take control of your organization's costs with the simplest, most flexible and complete print management solution.

With PrintAnyWay you can manage who prints, when and how, ensuring the security of your documents and increasing the productivity of your users.


PrintAnyWay is the simplest, most intuitive and complete print management solution.

PrintAnyWay offers a high performance printing accounting system that can be used in real-time to handle high-volume printing efficiently. Print jobs can be created through on-site or remote print servers, and pulled to the required MFP on demand. In case of intermittent or unreliable communication between different locations it is still possible have several independent print servers and synchronize the information to one central server.

Easy to install, fully configurable to the reality of each organization and easily scalable, this solution streamlines the implementation of sustainable printing policies.



    Total accounting of Prints, Copies, Faxes, and Scans. Detailed activity information per user, department, cost center, printer, color, paper size, duplex and cost.


    Set BW and color quotas, limits by value or balance. Quotas can be set to restart at the beginning of a period (for example, the beginning of each month).


    Integrated authentication management on Multifunction Printers and web portal are a basic part of the PrintAnyWay solution.

    Secure authentication on MFPs can be done by PIN, Active Directory or compatible RFID cards.

    In addition to simple user authentication, with PrintAnyWay you can also define exactly which multifunction devices each user has access to.

    This solution also allows you to automatically synchronize users with multiple Active Directory or LDAP servers.


A fully responsive web portal, loaded with features for both administrators and users.


    All quota and balance management can be carried out online. Users can request temporary increases of their quotas which later follow an approval workflow. Management can also carry out balance chargements through an available POS screen.


    If the FollowUser option is enabled, users can manage their secure printing by releasing a print job to one of the devices they have access to.


    Each user can query their past prints, balances and quotas. Administrators in turn have access to a more comprehensive view, with the possibility of generating statistical reports and charts.


    You can create different profiles to determine which options and features each user has access to.


A comprehensive set of reports with summary or detailed information, by user, group, cost center and printer is available in the PrintAnyWay solution. These reports can be requested on demand or programmed to be automatically sent by email to administrators, department directors or users in Excel, Word and PDF formats.

  • History Logs
  • Complete records application usages such as MFP logins, completed jobs and balance movements.
  • Accounting
  • Extensive set of detailed and summarised accounting reports related to all printing and scanning activities.
  • Tables
  • Possibility of generating listings of all tables in the solution, such as users, groups, devices, price tables, billing codes etc.
  • Counters
  • Current and past billing counters with total color and BW prints, scans, and faxes sent separated per device.


PrintAnyWay’s mobile printing allows printing directly from iOS and Android mobile devices as well as printing directly via email.

This way the solution allows a greater user and printing mobility, without the need to install drivers and printers.

Prints performed using this method are subject to the same rules of authentication, authorization and accounting as the rest, which translates into a truly integrated solution.



    Define rules for print job redirection for users and groups based on the attributes of the job itself as well as other factors.


    Designed for integration with third-party systems, it allows you to add users, upload balances, and query transactions.


    Tools and reports that allow you to measure, manage and apply printing policies that translate into paper savings and carbon emission reduction.

FollowUser Technology

FollowUser Technology

FollowUser allows for secure printing to any MFP selected by the user, changing print options on the fly, like forcing black and white, double-sided or even choosing the number of copies.

Unclaimed prints or confidential documents next to devices cease to exist, with a direct reduction in costs. In case of unavailability of a specific printer, the user can release the job on the nearest device without having to reprint, thus providing greater mobility and productivity gains.

The FollowUser option also permits users to select certain documents as favorites (such as forms and brochures), allowing them to be reprinted whenever necessary.


PrintAnyWay Smartphone App

PrintAnyWay Smartphone App

This smartphone app provides PrintAnyWay users an additional and portable interface to manage their secure printing in MFPs while enabling the same capabilities in more limited printers. Here are some of the features provided:

  • Secure release of print jobs on the MFP selected by the user.
  • Fast MFP user authentication in NFC enabled smartphones.
  • Manage, print or reprint favorite documents.
  • View BW and color quotas, current balance or print counts for the current period.
  • Enables secure printing in standard TCP/IP printers without UI.

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