Testimonial - Moneris

 The PrintAnyWay solution represented a decisive step for Moneris in adopting a global printer park management policy, allowing centralized cost control and streamlining print consumption at the national level. This solution proved to be fundamental to a collective awareness of the need to reduce consumption and waste, aiming at minimizing our ecological footprint and consequent sustainability, essential to the pursuit of a philosophy that we defend as a company pursuant of corporate social responsibility. On the other hand, FollowUser technology allowed us to implement a policy of safe release of print jobs, in each office and throughout the country, by each of our users, by defining a pin code to each employee, minimizing the unintended access to documents that should be restricted to those who need to collect or work them, thus ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of customer data and / or internal documents.  

António Ferreira - IT Manager

Moneris S.G.P.S.

Testimonial - Maieutica

  At Maiêutica (ISMAI / IPMAIA), the demand for new IT solutions is constant and requires systematic study and research. PrintAnyWay appeared to us as a response to a problem we had in the previous print management and control system. Sometimes multinationals are too far away to respond to small issues that are huge to us, customers. With PrintAnyWay this does not happen. With a proactive and dedicated team the problem has been solved and we are satisfied with the solution presented to us, being fast and effective. So far we can only say that it is a partnership to maintain for many good years.  

Adelino Ribeiro - IT Manager

Maiêutica C.R.L.